Communication: The Key To Effective Leadership

Communication:  The Key To Effective LeadershipPresident Dwight Eisenhower defined leadership as the ability to persuade other people to do what you want done because they want to do it. Clearly, being able to communicate effectively and individualize motivation are keys to doing this. The time tested and researched based concepts described in this book illustrate how leaders of corporations, government agencies, non-profits, healthcare facilities, and education institutions have used the concepts to lead improvement in their organizations.

Many success stories describe how these leaders have used the concepts to improve bottom line profitability, improve teamwork and cohesiveness, improve relations with their clients, and eliminate distress and negative behaviors that interfere with the smooth functioning of organizations. One CEO improved the bottom line profitability of his company 20% in one year. A vice president of a major international financial institution added $10 million to his bottom line in one year. These and other stories describe how leaders in many fields have used the concepts to improve their organizations. One story describes how a CEO used the concepts to persuade his Board of Directors to allow him to change the direction of the company. Other stories exemplify how to use the concepts in fund raising, in personnel selection, in negotiations, in implementing organization culture change, and in customer relations.

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