Establishing a Culture of Patient Safety

Establishing A Culture of Patient SafetyUsing the scientifically based concepts described in this book, the 80 facilities in one healthcare system in the United States reduced all errors, including accidental deaths, below what they thought possible. In spite of a reduction in the number of staff personnel, another hospital increased patient satisfaction to 94.8%, increased staff morale and tripled staff productivity. The concepts they used that resulted in these improvements are described in this book, along with many other success stories demonstrating how other healthcare professionals used the concepts to improve communication among staff members and between staff members and patients, thereby reducing distress and creating a culture of patient safety.

Healthcare professionals know that patients can improve their health and reduce the risk of developing debilitating diseases if they will lose weight, exercise, and lead a healthy life style. They feel frustrated because their patients do not follow their advice. One chapter in the book explains how healthcare professionals can use these concepts to increase the likelihood their patients will listen to their advice and follow it.

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