Here’s How To Reach Me

Heres How To Reach MeThis easy to use book shows teachers how to individualize the way they communicate with and motivate every student. The book describes 6 different types of student, tells how each prefers to communicate, explains how each is motivated and gives specific examples of what real classroom teachers have done to reach and teach every student. 45 students and 60 teachers were interviewed for the book.

The students were very candid in describing a typical school day from the time they got up in the morning until they went to bed at night. Because of the students’ candor, superintendents have called the book, “eye-opening”. Many teachers have used the book as their bible in preparing their lesson plans to ensure they reach and teach all of their students. They have found all the chapters useful, but they rely very heavily on the chapter that describes what each of the 6 types of students will do in 3 different levels of distress. That chapter also provides specific suggestions of things educators can do to intervene positively to invite students to stop their disruptive behaviors.

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