Boys & Girls Clubs Mentoring Program Helps At-Risk Students Succeed in School and in Life

For 17 years, Lee Fox ran a year round mentoring program called Leaders In Nature’s Kingdom, for the Metro Atlanta Boys&Girls Clubs.  Each year he selects 20 young people who are members of the various Metro Atlanta Boys&Girls Clubs and who have been identified by their schools as being at-risk of dropping out of school, and enrolls them in the program.  Using games and outdoor activities, he trains them in the concepts of Process Communication and teaches them about nature and how to thrive in various outdoor environments.  The students return to their clubs and teach the other club members the skills they have learned.  Each summer, Lee runs a summer camp in the mountains north of Athens, Georgia for the Metro Atlanta clubs.  The members of the program are his staff and teach the skills they have learned at the camp.  In this way more than 60,000 young people have learned about nature and have been taught life skills that they have used to succeed in school and in life.  Of the 300 at-risk students who have participated in the LINK program, all have graduated from high school and most have gone on to college.  Some have gone into the military.  Only 4 have been lost to drugs, jail or death.

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