Corporate Vice President Adds $10 Million to Company’s Bottom Line

(The following is excerpted from “Communication: The Key To Effective Leadership”

Paul Munzies was the Vice President in charge of collections in one of the largest financial institutions in the world.   When he took over his new division, morale was low and there were invisible walls built up between the different departments. People from one department did not talk to people from the other departments and, as a result, there were repetitive emails to customers, contentious phone calls to customers, and contentious phone calls and emails between employees in different sections of the division.

Paul heard about the concepts of Process Communication and decided that he could use them to communicate more effectively with his staff and build trust with them.  He believed this was crucial if he was to reduce tension and improve the performance of everyone in the division.  Also, he intended to combine the different departments in an effort to break down the walls that existed between them.  For that to work, he decided they needed to have a common language.  Therefore, he wanted everyone in the division to be trained in the concepts.  After everyone took the training, there was an exponential increase in trust and in relationships between employees.  They began to communicate with each other more effectively and to resolve issues with each other and with their customers.  They began talking about things other than work and they began to trust him.  This was critically important for him to get them to buy in to his plans.  He communicated his trust to the managers and they in turn communicated their trust to their people.  As a result they had great success.  The performance improvement was quantifiable.  They contributed an additional $10 million to the company’s profit the following year.

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