National Dropout Prevention Network Honors PCI Officers for Their Work in Dropout Prevention

The National Dropout Prevention Network awarded Dr. Judith Ann Pauley, the CEO of Kahler Communications (Washington, D.C.) and Joseph F. Pauley, the president of Kahler Communications, the 2008 Individual Crystal Star Award for their work in dropout prevention and their work with at-risk students throughout the United States.  They are the first couple to receive the award which is given each year to individuals whose work throughout the year helps students who are at risk of dropping out of school, stay in school and successfully complete their high school education and prepare themselves for the work place or college.

The Pauleys teach the concepts of Process Communication in the education departments in several universities from New Hampshire to California and do seminars and in-services for schools throughout the country.  They also present at about 20 national, international, and state conferences each year and have written articles that have been published in several prestigious journals throughout the country.  They also have written 2 books for educators describing the concepts of Process Communication and relating stories of how teachers have used the concepts to individualize the way they teach and motivate each student.  They have two other books, a leadership book that was published by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in March 2009 and a healthcare book that ASQ published in July 2011.

Teachers who are using the use the concepts of Process Communication in their classes report that their students improve their motivation and academic achievement and stop their disruptive classroom behaviors.  More importantly, they stay in school and in many instances continue their educations in college.  They report that the concepts work in every environment – urban, suburban, and rural – at every grade level, and in every culture.  Currently, 16 education-related dissertations and 9 masters theses have been written confirming the effectiveness of the concepts in the classroom and in education leadership.

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