Process Communication and Teamwork

In an article in the “Harvard Business Review of March 20, 2012 entitled “The Hard Science of Teamwork”, Alex “ Sandy” Pentland describes how his team at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory has proven mathematically that ”how people communicate is more important than what they say”.

You can read the article here.

According to the article, Pentland and his team also have proven that great teams communicate frequently, talk and listen in equal measure and equally among members, engage in frequent informal communication, and explore ideas and information outside the group.

According to the article, the team can “predict with eerie precision whether a team will perform well or not” by measuring how they communicate. The team also has proven that people can be trained to improve the “how” of communication and that by changing the way they communicate they can improve teamwork and become a highly effective and productive team.

Dr. Taibi Kahler’s research since 1971 also has documented this. Teams who have been trained in the concepts of Dr. Kahler’s model have improved communication within the team, with customers, and with everyone with whom they interact. This has resulted in improved team productivity, effectiveness, and profitability in many areas –manufacturing, healthcare, education, government agencies, the service industry, and in non-profit organizations. Healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities have improved patient safety, patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and staff productivity. Educators have improved student academic achievement, greatly reduced student disruptive behaviors in the classroom, including bullying, and increased student, parent, and teacher satisfaction with the school system.

Understanding and applying the concepts of Dr. Kahler’s Process Communication Model allows teams to improve individual and team communication and effectiveness and enables team members to become high functioning lean teams.

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