Process Communication Concepts Aid Successful Negotiations

Richard Johnson is a professional negotiator. He uses the concepts of Process Communication in all of his negotiating sessions and is very successful as a result.  Early in his career, he was working on his masters degree at Antioch University and decided to research whether it was possible to use the PCM concepts to assess the personality type of the individuals with whom he was negotiating.  He found that not only was it possible to assess their personality, but that knowledge enabled him to communicate more effectively with each member of the negotiation teams and create an environment that was less contentious and in which every member of the teams was working for win-win solutions to the negotiations.  In short, negotiation sessions were collegial, less contentious, and problems and issues were resolved very quickly.

In the Apache Junction School District in Arizona, all staff members were trained in the concepts of Process Communication.  The school district went to a non-adversarial meet and confer process of negotiation and used the PCM concepts in all negotiation sessions with the unions.  Even in a downturn in the economy when it was necessary to significantly reduce the school district budget, the longest it took to resolve successfully all of the issues being negotiated, was 10 hours.

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