Turnaround Specialist Uses the Concepts of Process Communication to Successfully Rescue 2 Companies

(The following story is excerpted from “Communication: The Key To Effective Leadership.}

Fred LeFranc is a turnaround specialist who has 30 years experience working in the restaurant chain business. He took over as CEO of a restaurant chain that was in trouble. He turned it around using the concepts of Process Communication. He was so successful that Inc. magazine did an article on him. He believes that understanding the concepts of Process Communication gives leaders a spotlight on someone’s brain. This enables the leaders to understand where their team members are coming from, to be more tolerant of their positions, and to understand how to deal with them. Therefore, he used the concepts in his strategic planning meetings and found that these concepts took all of the noise out of meetings. It reduced the in-fighting and distress reactions and allowed his staff and restaurant managers to focus on improving the profitability of their restaurants. He believes that to be successful in turning a business around, CEO’s have to change the language and the culture of the business. The concepts of Process Communication enabled him to do this very successfully.

Prior to this he was president of another company. He introduced the concepts of Process Communication to the company and had a 35% increase in same store sales in 3 years. This was unheard of in the restaurant business. He also had double digit growth in transaction average and in head count.

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