Ware Youth Center Has Less Than 20% Recidivism Rate

The Ware Youth Center in Coushatta, Louisiana has a 2ecidivism rate that is less than 20% – the best in Louisiana and perhaps in the country.  As a result of their success they have been given responsibility for all of the youth detention centers in northern Louisiana.  In addition, in September 2007, they began constructing a facility to house all of the women in northern Louisiana who were adjudicated to the juvenile justice system.  To place the success of the Ware Youth Center in perspective, the national average recidivism rate is 69% and for youth who have committed serious crimes, it is 80%.

The staff at the Center were trained in the concepts of Process Communication in 2002.  There was a 42% reduction in the number of student incidents in the 8 months after the staff began applying the concepts compared to the 6 months before they were trained.  In addition, there were only 2 expulsions during that period compared to 13 in the 6 months before.  There have been no expulsions in the several years since.

A graduate student at Louisiana State University did her masters thesis on the change at the Center.  Every youth said that they intended to stay out of criminal activities after their release.  The results of the research were viewed with skepticism at the time.  However, subsequent events have demonstrated that the incarcerated youth meant what they said.  If there had been a support mechanism in place to help the 25% stay out of trouble after they were placed in the same environment, with the same friends with whom they got in trouble before, might they too have gone straight?  We can only speculate about that.  The wonder is that the 75% were successful.

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