Watts High School Teacher Increases Student Achievement and Eliminates Disruptive Behaviors After She Uses PCM Concepts in Her Classes

Ann Shioji, a high school physiology teacher in the Watts district of Los Angeles heard about the concepts of Process Communication when she was working for her master’s degree at UCLA.  She was frustrated because her students were not interested in school and, no matter what she tried, she was not reaching them.  She decided to use the concepts of Process Communication with the physiology class that was least interested in school and teach her other physiology class the way she always taught.  They were the control group.  She gave both classes a pre-test and a post-test on motivation, compared grades before and after, and compared discipline problems before and after.  In the control group there was no increase in motivation or grades and there were many discipline problems.  In the experimental group every student’s motivation and grade improved and there were no discipline problems.

Because of the improvement in the experimental group, Ms. Shioji traveled to San Marcos, California that summer to take a course in Process Communication at Cal State University San Marcos.  The following year she reported that she used the concepts in all of her classes, that all of her students were motivated to learn and she had no discipline problems in any of her classes.  Later in the year she was promoted to be the Least Restrictive Environment coordinator for the school because she was the only teacher reaching the students.  Her thesis advisor at UCLA stated that she hoped she would continue to teach in the inner city because “she had a knack for reaching those students”.  When told that her advisor said this, Ms. Shioji said that the concepts of Process Communication were the knack, adding that she had been so frustrated before that she was considering transferring from high school to elementary school.

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