Process Communication Model® Seminar – Seminar Two: Conflict Resolution and Motivation

This two day seminar focuses on connecting, motivating, and resolving conflict. Participants will practice, practice, practice and practice some more intervention and prevention strategies to facilitate crisp communication and effective relationships.

Participants will receive their own individualized manuals with base and phase scripts identified. Prerequisite: Attendance at the 3-day PCM seminar.

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Available Dates

  • March, 20 & 21, 2014 – Advanced Seminar 2-day – Potomac, Maryland
  • June 19 & 20, 2014 – Advanced Seminar 2-day – Potomac, Maryland
  • December 4 & 5, 2014 – Advanced Seminar 2-day – Potomac, Maryland


The Advanced Course takes the material to another level and will assist in helping me better identify the other types. I particularly liked the extra practice and the role playing.

Merck Company Executive.

This was a superb course. It was a great presentation along with super material based on a great data base. Every time I talk to Joe and Judy they enlighten my Process analysis and my ability to work with fellow workers. This was a great education and should be taught to every high school in the country.

Navy Rear Admiral.

I have learned a lot of information that will be practical and very useful to effectively communicate with my students, teachers, and parents.

Arizona School Administrator.

Process Communication Model® Seminar – Seminar Two: Conflict Resolution and Motivation Outline
  • Introduction
  • Connecting
  • Channels review
  • The Rule of Communication
  • Channel exercise
  • Contact Perceptions review
  • Assessing Personality Type Through Perceptions exercise
  • Channel and Perception exercise
  • Distress review
  • Drivers
  • The Parent Drivers – Be Strong-P, Be Perfect-P – verbal cues
  • The Child Drivers – Please, Be Strong, Be Perfect, Try Hard – verbal cues
  • Driver exercise
  • The Six Motivational Action Plans
  • Personal and Professional Distress
  • Phase Issues
  • Personal Failure Patterns
  • The Scripts
  • Scripts and the Assessing Matrix
  • Sentence Patterns
  • Drivers and Scripts exercise
  • Scripts and Personality Base Types exercise
  • Failure Patterns and Scripts exercise
  • Personality types, Psychological Needs, Channels, Perceptions and Failure Patterns exercise
  • The Three Degrees of Miscommunication
  • The Four Myths
  • Miscommunication Sequence of the Six Types
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Intervention Strategies Experiential
  • Simulation: Achieving Consensus using Process Communication
  • Planning for the future
  • Closure and Evaluation
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