Communication for Educational Leaders Seminar

In this two day program for educational leaders, participants will learn how to target communication to satisfy the student’s motivational needs as well as those of the student’s parents, school administrators, their colleagues, school boards, and other stakeholders. They will receive a personal analysis of their personality profile that will explain why they are successful with some people and may have difficulty communicating with and motivating others. They will learn about the six personality types, perceptions, channels, and psychological needs. Individual action plans are offered, as well as strategies to deal with individuals who are exhibiting signs of psychological distress.

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The structure of the training program was refreshing and user friendly. The content was useful to me as a leader of educators. I plan to use the information I learned to be a more effective leader. When I get in a position to have this seminar presented to a group of my faculty I will do so. Please continue to help people to be better communicators. You have helped me! Thanks!

Virginia school principal

This was very interesting. I loved the multimedia and group interaction. The content was fascinating. I loved the use of the cartoons to support the material. I’m really looking forward to sharing this information with those with whom I work. Thank you! You were awesome.

Virginia principal in training

Communication for Educational Leaders Seminar Outline
  • Introduction
  • Language of Types
  • Contact Perceptions
  • Perceptual Frames of Reference
  • Perception Exercises
  • Speaking the Individual’s Language
  • Descriptions of the Six Personality Types
  • Personality Type Exercises
  • Individualized Educator’s Personality Profile
  • The Five Personality Parts
  • Individualized Educator’s Personality Parts
  • Personality Types and Parts
  • The Rule of Communication
  • The Five Channels of Communication
  • Channels and Perceptions
  • Personality Phase
  • Research Results
  • Psychological Needs
  • Psychological Needs and Interacting with Others
  • Dealing with Disgruntled People
  • Phase Distress Behavior
  • Interventions for the Three Second Degree Masks
  • Distress Sequences for Each of the Six Personality Types
  • Individual’s Phase Action Plan
  • Closure and Evaluation
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