Process Communication Model® Seminar – Seminar One: Core Topics

This three day training program is designed to teach individuals how to use a process approach as members of teams, in negotiations and in their everyday work and personal lives. They will learn how to connect with others, communicate more effectively and insure cooperative relationshops with those with whom they interact. They will learn how to keep themselves out of distress and how to deal with others who may be in distress. In addition to the course manual, participants will receive their own individualized profiles which includes their personality structure, strengths, stressors and an action plan for success.

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Available Dates

  • March 17-19, 2014 – PCM and/or PEM certification week – Potomac, Maryland
  • June 16-18, 2014 – PCM and/or PEM certification week – Potomac, Maryland
  • December 1-3, 2014 – PCM and/or PEM certification week – Potomac, Maryland


Being able to use Process Communication is like having a magic wand.

USX Vice President

Three Day Seminar Outline
  • Introduction to Process Communication and exercise
  • Begin a Personal Intervention Plan
  • The Six Perceptual modes and exercises
  • Dramatization of the Six Personality Types and discussion
  • Strengths of the Six Personality Types
  • Demographics of the Six Personality Types
  • The Six floor personality structure condominium
  • The Personality Structure of each participant
  • Introduction to Management Styles
  • Preferred Management Styles of each Personality Type
  • Personality Parts and their use in Communication
  • Personality Parts exercises
  • Introduction to Channels of Communication
  • Transference
  • Channels of Communication exercises
  • Introduction to Motivational Needs
  • Motivational Needs of each Personality Type
  • Motivational Needs exercises
  • Phases in individual personality development
  • Scientific Research Results
  • Work Environment Preferences of each Personality Type
  • Relationship Compatabilities
  • The Six Management Planning Questions
  • Individual Interaction Strategies
  • Joe Rebel demonstration
  • Homework Assignments for Motivational Needs
  • Getting Needs Met exercise and discussion
  • Getting Needs Met negatively exercise and discussion
  • Introduction to Distress
  • Behaviors in mild Distress of Six Personality Types
  • Managing Employees in distress and exercise
  • Serious distress Behaviors of the Six Personality Types
  • Distress Sequences of the Six Personality Types
  • Connecting Exercise
  • Executive Simulation: Achieving Consensus using Process Communication concepts
  • Development of Management Plans
  • Planning for the future
  • Closure and Evaluation
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