Quality Negotiation Relations Seminar

This one or two day program on Quality Negotiation is designed to help negotiators achieve quality win-win negotiations through more effective communication. Negotiators will learn how to target communication to establish rapport and trust with other negotiators by satisfying their motivational needs so that they will want to work toward a win-win position. They will be given tools to develop an effective negotiating style that will enable them to connect quickly with and motivate other negotiators. They also will be given strategies to enable them to communicate effectively with angry or skeptical negotiators.

There are no prerequisites.
Each person receives a Quality Negotiation Relations Profile incorporated into the manual.

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Quality Negotiation Relations Seminar Outline
  • Introduction
  • Language of Types
  • Identifying Negotiation Participants
  • The Six Personality Types
  • Personality Type Exercises
  • Connecting with Negotiators
  • The Six Perceptions
  • Perceptions Exercises
  • The Individual’s Perceptual Frames of Reference
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Psychological Needs
  • Personality Phase and Psychological Needs Buzz Words
  • Addressing Psychological Needs
  • Dealing with Disgruntled Negotiators
  • Second Degree Phase Distress Behavior
  • Strategies for Inviting Negotiators Out of Second Degree Mask Behaviors
  • The Individual’s Personality Profile
  • Personality Structure
  • Personality Phase
  • Distress Sequences for Each of the Six Types
  • The Individual’s Phase Action Plan
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