Quality Relations Seminar

This one or two day program on customer relations is designed to help achieve quality in providing professional services through more effective communication. The participant will learn how to target communication to satisfy customers’ psychological needs as well as their needs for products and services. Effective interaction ensures customer satisfaction.

There are no prerequisites.
Each person receives a Quality Relations Profile incorporated into the manual.

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Very rewarding and satisfying. I now know how to deal with people who are “driving me crazy” and how to bring out the light in myself and others. You two are such an inspiration! I had a great time. Thank you so much!

High school student

Very fun and interesting. Very useful for the future – for myself, but also for others. Judy and Joe are awesome!

High school student

This was a nice balance between fun and serious content. I especially liked making “people skills” more tangible and learning how to brighten peoples’ days. I now realize the natural differences in families and we learned a lot about each other in a tangible way. I was able to think about past experiences that confirm these phases and ways to improve relationships in the future. Thanks for having fun with us and helping us bring smiles to others’ faces and our own!

College student

An amazing experience. It was like no other. I loved it all!! I especially liked how much more I learned about myself. Great job!

Middle school student

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