Quality Teams Seminar

This is a two or three day program (can be taught in four-hour modules) that teaches teams how to process among themselves, stressing the importance of different personality types, psychological needs, perceptions and channels. The six major conflicts of groups are identified and formulas are presented to resolve them and enhance effective communication and productivity.

There are no prerequisites.
Each person receives a Quality Teams profile incorporated into her or his manual.

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Best training course I’ve ever been through, including business school and grad school. Every school kid should take this course. The world would be a better place!! Thank you Judy and Joe Pauley. I can’t wait to get my wife on board with the class.

Honeywell manager

As an Organizational Development specialist, I have experienced many training assessments. This was one of the most informative and enjoyable presentation of an assessment I have ever experienced. It provided a wonderful opportunity to practice communicating with different personalities.

NASA EEO official

I thought this training was great. I have attended other Process Communication seminars and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many times I hear the model presented, I learn something new each time.

NASA administrator

This training reminded me of why and how I go through continued distress for the entire day, every day. I now have an action plan. I have a sense of direction and responsibility to meet my own needs and try to meet the needs of others.

Union official

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