Kahler Communications (Washington, D.C.) is an international consulting, training and development company specializing in management communications and motivation training and improved interpersonal communications. All Kahler Communications (Washington, D.C.) courses are based on Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model®.

“Process Communication” = Improved Quality, Value, Profitability, Satisfaction

In 1971, Dr. Taibi Kahler saw a PROCESS, a sequence by which people interacted with one another both in positive and negative ways. The uniqueness of this discovery was that human behavior could be identified objectively literally second by second as being either productive (COMMUNICATION) or non-productive (MISCOMMUNICATION). Both patterns were sequential, measurable and predictable.

For this discovery, Dr. Kahler was awarded the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award and honored by more than 10,000 of his clinical peers from 52 countries as having provided the most significant scientific discovery in his field of psychology. His miniscript afforded people the means of diagnosing someone within minutes and accurately predicting their pattern of negative behavior under stress.

With many invitations to speak at national and international business and organizational conferences, Dr. Kahler translated his concept into a non-clinical model of communication for business and individuals. PROCESS COMMUNICATION was developed to offer business people a firm behavioral, management and interaction foundation.

Process Communication

  • Identifies personality types
  • Assesses character strengths
  • Reflects preferred management styles and favorite “channel” or means of communication
  • Determines individual psychological and motivational needs
  • Predicts potential management/interaction success or failure patterns under stress
  • Provides intervention points for failure patterns
  • Offers ways of reinforcing positive, productive behaviors

Dr. Kahler’s theory has withstood professional scrutiny and the test of time since 1971. His Process Communication programs have already significantly touched the world of business and industry.

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