25th Annual National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

25th Annual National Dropout Prevention Network Conference
November 3-6, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia
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Meeting Student Needs: the Pathway to Graduation

Seventh grade students in an alternative school were infamous for their negative behaviors and poor academics. Their teacher taught them the concepts of Process Communication and helped them get their motivational needs met. Thirty out of thirty-one improved their grades, stopped their negative behaviors or both.

Data that demonstrates effectiveness:

These internationally acclaimed, research-based concepts have been used by thousands of educators in their classrooms to establish positive relationships, motivate students and improve academic achievement and behavior. The presentation will include both research and content and how educators have used the concepts in their classes to reach every student.

Two objectives:

  1. Participants will learn how they can improve the academic achievement and behavior of every student using these research-based and internationally acclaimed concepts.
  2. Participants will learn new techniques to establish positive relationships and motivate their students to improve their academic achievement, their behavior, and their desire to graduate.

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