American Society for Quality Service National Conference – Baltimore, MD

Turning the Tide: Providing quality service to enhance staff morale and productivity, client satisfaction, organizational effectiveness and corporate profitability.

Four of the Quality Management Principles deal with people and communication. This session will address all four of those principles. Because of a series of staff reductions at a hospital in Alabama staff morale was very low, staff meetings were contentious, patient satisfaction decreased, and patient safety suffered. The staff members were trained in the research-based concepts of Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model. Staff members used PDSA to plan strategies to help them achieve their goals. They then implemented the strategies, studied the results, and, if necessary, modified their plans. Staff morale increased, teamwork improved productivity rose 20%, and patient satisfaction increased to more than 95%. The facility now is ranked first of the 33 medical facilities in the system. As a result of the improvement they now are expanding the services they offer and have hired many new staff members.

Examples in manufacturing, government and service companies will also be discussed.

Participants will learn the concepts of Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model and how to apply them with their clients in building a positive relationship with each individual while providing quality service thereby winning the competitive edge.

Participants will learn how to build trust with their colleagues and clients by showing that they care about them and their problems.
Participants will learn how to individualize the way they motivate and communicate with their colleagues and clients so that their colleagues will be more willing to embrace a culture of quality and clients will be happier with the service they receive and want to continue to do business with the organization.

Participants will learn what each of their colleagues and clients will do in distress and will be given research based strategies to reduce stress and deal successfully with people who are in distress.

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