Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom ManagementThe 3 R’s in education today are Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. Unfortunately, the order is reversed. Research shows that if teachers first establish relationships with students and show them the relevance of the material they are teaching, they can increase the rigor of the material they are teaching and the students will be motivated to learn.

Unfortunately, no one shows teachers how to establish relationships with those students who are not like them. This book does. It shows teachers how to establish relationships by individualizing the way they communicate with and motivate every student. When teachers apply the research based concepts explained in this book, students’ attitude toward education improves and they learn more. In addition, the students (and the teacher) stay out of distress and students stop their disruptive classroom behaviors. This enables teachers to spend more time teaching and less time being lion tamers. This benefits everyone – students and teachers. Several true stories describe how teachers have used the concepts to intervene positively with students in severe distress. Frequently they accomplished this with a single sentence.

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