Dr. Taibi Kahler Publishes Process Therapy Book

Dr. Taibi Kahler, the clinical psychologist who developed the concepts of the Process Communication Model, published “The Process Therapy Model” in 2008.  Psychiatrists and psychologists who have been using the concepts of Process Therapy for several years have been able to significantly reduce treatment time of patients and speed up their recovery.  Some have said they have been able to reduce treatment time from 2-3 years to 3-6 months by using the concepts in their therapy sessions.  Many have urged Dr. Kahler to write this book so that therapists all over the world will have access to the concepts in treating their patients.

Dr. Kahler begins the book by outlining the history of the development of the concepts.  He then goes on to describe how therapists can use the concepts in treating their patients.  The book is available from Kahler Communications Inc. at kahlercom@aristotle.net or www.taibikahlerassociates.com.

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