Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference

Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2012
February 18 – 21, 2012
The Mirage Hotel — Las Vegas, Nevada

We will present Sunday 9 am about Establishing Relationships, Improving Patient Safety and Patient and Staff Satisfaction


Understanding the motivational needs of patients and their communication preferences is the key to establishing relationships and providing improved service and patient care.  Participants will learn successful scientifically proven communication and motivation strategies to enable them to establish relationships so that patients and staff will be happier and more satisfied.


Patient satisfaction was low at a hospital in Alabama.  The administration set a goal of 85% patient satisfaction and had everyone on the staff trained in the concepts of Dr. Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model©.  Patient satisfaction improved monthly until they reached their goal. They raised the goal to 90%; attained that goal; set a new goal of 95%.  Currently, their patient satisfaction is 94.8%.  Staff morale and satisfaction also soared and the hospital now ranks first in productivity and patient satisfaction in the 33 hospital system.  An 80 hospital system in the Midwest used the concepts to improve staff and patient communications and satisfaction and patient safety.  They successfully reduced all accidents, including preventable accidental deaths, below what they thought possible.  Other healthcare facilities have had similar results.

Dr. Kahler, an internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist, identified six distinct personality types based on how they process information and what they do in distress.  Each type communicates differently, is motivated differently, and does different things when in distress.  Participants will learn the strengths of each of the six types, how to communicate with and motivate them, and how easily to invite them out of distress, frequently with one sentence.

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