Meet Joe and Judy

Judith Ann Pauley, PhD, is the CEO of Process Communications Inc., an international management communications training and development company.  She also is an Adjunct professor in the graduate education departments of 7 universities from New Hampshire to California, including the Education Leadership Program at George Mason University in Virginia and the Education Department at California State University San Marcos.  Early in her career she worked as a research chemist for the Naval Ordnance Laboratory and developed the batteries used in the submarine launched missile SUBROC.  She subsequently taught chemistry and physics for 42 years in colleges, universities and high schools in the United States and Asia and was named science teacher of the year three times.  She has more than 50 years management and leadership experience as science department chair and as president of several education and scientific organizations.  She is co-author of 4 books, including “Communication: The Key to Effective Leadership” published by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in March 2009 and “Establishing A Culture of Patient Safety” published by ASQ in 2011.  She also has written several articles that have been published in various education and other journals and was the guest co-editor of the Winter 2003 National Dropout Prevention Network newsletter.  The National Dropout Prevention Network at Clemson University awarded her and her husband, Joseph, their 2008 Individual Crystal Star Award for their success in working with students at-risk of dropping out of school.

Joseph F. Pauley is the President and COO of Kahler Communications (Washington, D.C.) and is an Adjunct professor at the same universities as Judith Ann.   Mr. Pauley served in a variety of   leadership positions in the navy during the Korean War.  After his naval service, he had a very successful 34-year leadership career with the U.S. government.  Twenty-one of those years he and his wife lived in Asia where he became an authority on managing, communicating with, and motivating people from other cultures.  During his career he received several awards for his ability to inspire staff members to accomplish successful improvement programs.  In all he has had more than 60 years management, leadership, and executive experience.  During the Korean War, the navy certified Mr. Pauley as a Chinese language interpreter and, as a result, earlier in his career he taught Chinese and Chinese history, in addition to English, American history, and English as a second language.  For the past 25 years he has taught management and leadership seminars for various U.S. Government agencies, private corporations and non-profits.  With his wife, Judith Ann, he is co-author of 4 books, including “Here’s How To Reach Me: Matching Instruction To Personality Types In Your Classroom” and “Effective Classroom Management: Six Keys To Success”.  Each year the Pauleys present at about 20 national and international management, education and quality improvement conferences.

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