National Quality in Education Conference (NQEC)

National Quality Education Conference (NQEC)
November 17, 2013
Hyatt Regency Louisville

Best Practices for Individualization of Instruction for all Learners

Teachers in all grade levels, K – 12, in schools in several states have applied the concepts of Process Communication to improve the academic achievement of all their students and close the achievement gap. Students who had no interest in school became interested in doing their schoolwork; their grades improved; and they stopped their acting out behaviors. Participants will learn these concepts so they can reach every student. Administrators who used the concepts improved teacher morale and student, teacher and parent satisfaction.

Research shows that if even one adult in a school establishes a relationship with a student, the students will remain in school and will be more motivated to study and learn. Participants will learn how to individualize the way they motivate every student so that students will understand the benefit of education to their future lives. In this way the students will be better prepared to become future leaders.

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