Participants at the three day Process Communication Management seminars rave about the usefulness and applicability of the concepts of Process Communication. The following comments are typical of those received.

Thank You Judy and Joe A poem by Cheryl Robinson Stewart
We’ve successfully completed the course down to the letter Over the last three days we’ve learned how to communicate better Some folks would say this is just myth and hype Taking time to identify our strongest personality type Channels and condos and contact perceptions Communication errors and second chances to make corrections Communication processes and verbal cues Cover up feelings, failure patterns, don’ts and do’s

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Communication is the lubricant that makes organizations run.

The concepts of Process Communication complement Total Quality beautifully.

My PCM experience was hugely useful in helping me manage the filmmaking journey over six years. It’s been such a valuable tool!

Process Communication is a three day training course which every lawyer should take. Not only does PCM make it possible for lawyers to determine the best and most efficient way of communicating with their clients, it permits trial lawyers a coherent and intelligible guide for selecting members of a jury and for determining the best means of portraying a case before those jurors. I would strongly recommend that every member of the bar participate in the three day program.

The Process Communication Model provides a framework for evaluating the information one wishes to communicate and the best means for doing so with various recipients of that information. I … look forward to many years of making use of what I have learned.

Taibi Kahler has identified why people do what they do. It is must reading for any of us who hope to lead or manage or motivate other people.

This was the most productive three days I have spent this year.

Being able to use Process Communication is like having a magic wand.

Process Communication is the missing link in our training program.

The structure of the training was excellent. The content was outstanding. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE at work and in my personal life, even my 7 your old daughter.

This course was terrific. The content was incomparable. The course has changed my life. I wish I had this class years ago.

We found that Process Communication Management helped us achieve our goal of improving communications throughout our organization. The managers who were trained have consistently used and talked about the benefits of PCM, so much so that we have had constant pressure from the rest of the employees for the training.

About 80% of my job is communicating. Process Communication has taught me how to gear myself to the other person’s feelings. Now I’m not just talking, but really communicating. Our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires noted a definite increase in the level of patient satisfaction within four months after the supervisory and management staff completed their three-day training. We also have noticed a positive correlation between those employees who are volunteering to do community speaking and those who have gone through PCM training.

Incredibly accurate picture of the students I work with in my program. Thank you. Now I have a better idea how to reach them and deal with them on a continuing basis.

Process Communications is making a difference in the lives of the kids in our program. We are watching lives change for the better as a result of our using Process Communication in dealing with them.

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