Thank you Judy and Joe – Poem

Thank You Judy and Joe

By Cheryl Robinson Stewart

We’ve successfully completed the course down to the letter
Over the last three days we’ve learned how to communicate better
Some folks would say this is just myth and hype
Taking time to identify our strongest personality type

Channels and condos and contact perceptions
Communication errors and second chances to make corrections
Communication processes and verbal cues
Cover up feelings, failure patterns, don’ts and do’s

Assessing, connecting, motivating, resolving conflict exercises
Learning that you’re a rebel and other surprises
Thoughts, opinions, emotions and inactions
Logic, value, compassion and other reactions

With friends, family, enemies and those in the workplace
On the computer, phone, letters, memos and even face to face
Imagination, likes and dislikes, battery charges and charm
Nurturative reactions that are sensitive and warm

Environmental preferences, motivational needs
How to interpret our thoughts as well as our deeds
We now have the knowledge, the skills and the smarts
To apply using different personality parts

Emoter, computer, comforter, directive
Or is protector the least used but the most effective?
Miscommunication has occurred if one is wearing a mask
No need to wonder and no need to ask

Words, tones, and gestures that are used to express
Posture, dialogue, doorways and other degrees of distress
First degree parent/child drivers, basement attackers, blamers and droopers
Third degree cellars filled with despairers and bloopers

Trying to analyze interaction styles and understand
Those that would likely be in their interaction span
So we’ve learned how to adjust and adapt our communication style
And if we can get it just right we should at least give a smile
So, Mr. And Mrs. Pauley, Judy and Joe

We THANK YOU and appreciate you and just wanted you to know.
From the class at Fox Army Medical Center at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Cheryl Robinson Stewart

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